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Payroll Management (PRM)

PRM is designed to cover various modules of pay outs to all employees including unionized employees of L&T, S&A and JV companies.

PRM consists of following modules:

  • Currency wise allowance
  • Flexi Declaration for S&E
  • Form-B / Form-C
  • Salary Processing
  • BPV and JV creation/Rejections
  • Advance Payment
  • Bonus
  • Chart of Demand (COD) Payment
  • E-TDS filing
  • Form-16 with Digital Signature
Full and Final Settlement (F&F)
  • Auto triggering of email in various stages
  • Auto allocation to SSC scrutinizer after unit clearance, based on their presence
  • F&F Processing & Payments
Employee Benefit Claims (EBC)
  • Employee can claim various benefits (30) as per their applicability
  • EBC – Flexi Declaration
  • Integration with Payroll for Overseas posted employees, F&F
  • ERA / JV Creation
Retirement Benefit System (RBS)
  • Provident Fund / Superannuation Fund
    • Nominee Declaration
    • Transfer In
    • Settlement
    • Transfer Out
    • PF Loan, Withdrawals
    • Provisional PF Slip
  • Gratuity
    • Gratuity Calculator/Settlement
PRM is integrated with SAP-HR and EIP-HRM, Travel Scape, e-Campus & SSC-Helpdesk.

PRM provides reports/dashboards to various user groups like HR, Processor, Approver and Employee. Also, generates Statutory Reports.
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